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Furniture Visualisation


Furniture 3D visualisation provides a cost-effective method to view your design in various finishes or fabrics. We can place your furniture designs into a 3D studio environment or we can create a bespoke 3D room set to showcase your piece of furniture. 


At MG Design UK we are experienced in modelling complex and accurate pieces of furniture. One aspect of having your design visualised in 3D is the ability to apply different fabrics or materials quickly. Many furniture ranges are available in different colours or fabrics and our 3D furniture configurators are an ideal tool to showcase a complete product range. 


We create 3D furniture visualisation CGIs by using 3D models, sketches, photographs or 2D technical drawings. With this information we can create visuals that are accurate, realistic and ready for use in promotional material. Complex creases, stitching, buttons and seams are some of the detailed elements we add into our furniture CGIs. The more detail added, the more photorealistic the final high definition visualisation will be.


We understand that getting your furniture product range to a studio to be photographed is not always feasible or cost-effective. At MG Design UK we have a photographic background in understanding how real life lighting studios work. Our 3D studio lighting scene will enable the same lighting, camera position and continuity needed to produce photorealistic CGIs for an entire furniture range. Room sets can be created from reference imagery or our in-house design team can develop a bespoke setting to showcase your piece of furniture.


Creating 360-degree views of furniture allow users to rotate the CGIs around a central axis which is an ideal tool to view the item in high definition detail. Unified studio lighting aids with creating an exciting and photorealistic visualisation of your piece of furniture.


Here at MG Design UK we are experienced in creating photorealistic 3D models of your furniture design which can be animated into a feature video. This furniture 3D animation allows the user to view the item from different camera positions along with applying numerous fabric finishes if required. Our state of the art render farm allows the CGI animations to be rendered out quickly and cost effectively in a short time frame.

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