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Product Animations


3D product animations are a very useful tool to showcase a new product launch or to update the marketing of a current product. In particular, they can focus on illustrating a products aesthetics, technical construction or varied colours and or materials. Varied camera speeds, focal lengths and lighting highlight the design aspects you want your clients to focus on. 3D product animations are an attractive marketing tool to share on social media platforms to showcase your latest designs.


One key benefit of creating 3D product animations is the uniform set up of studio lighting. Here at MG Design UK we have a photographic background in understanding how real life lighting studios work. Our 3D studio lighting scene will enable the same lighting, camera movements and continuity needed to produce photorealistic product animations for an entire product range. 


Attention to detail for product visualisation CGI and product animations is essential to create a photorealistic set of images. We make sure that the lighting, reflections and materials on an animation react just like the final manufactured product. Numerous high-resolution draft renders are issued to the client to allow for feedback and adjustment to allow the final HD animation exceed your expectations.


Creating 360 degree rotating views of a product allow users to rotate the CGIs around a central axis which is an ideal tool to see the item in high definition detail. Unified studio lighting aids with creating an exciting and photorealistic visualisation of your product.


Teasers or previews of a product are an excellent way to build interest in a product prior to launch. We can create atmospherically lit 3D product animations which allow a glimpse of certain lines or shapes of a product which can be used on social media, marketing emails or a countdown product launch website.

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