Case Studies // Lime Interiors

Case Study: Lime Interiors

Lime Interiors

Gary Grant, Director

'We were introduced to Max via our local estate agent. He presented to us a brochure for another developer showcasing Max’ CGI work. We were currently working with another CGI company and we were not that impressed with what we were receiving so we made the switch to MG Design UK.

Max asked us a lot of questions throughout the project. Did I have time to answer these questions all the time….no….was the end result better than any CGI work we have had done before? Yes.

The other company in question asked us few/to no questions and worked merely from plans. Max was obsessed to ensure that we received what we wanted.

We were also very impressed with the realistic timescales we were given. Max never agreed to unrealistic timescales. Rather he delivered what we needed at the agreed time.

Cannot recommend these guys highly enough. A different class'.