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3D Commercial Visualisation CGI



Our 3D commercial CGIs can be used for refurbishment or new build plans for commercial spaces, demonstrating new interior designs and layout variations whether it’s for a hotel CGI or an office CGI. For our clients with refurbishment plans for their commercial spaces we can supply 3D visuals to demonstrate interior design and layout variations. 3D commercial modelling allows clients to understand their available space, to maximise its usage and to view an array of lighting, finishes and furniture options, all before building work commences.


With 3D commercial renders you can:

Visualise the available space to maximise its usage.

View an array of lighting, furniture and finished before work commences.

Aid in the selling of off-plan spaces or vision



In order to exceed our client’s expectations, we work closely with them to understand their design concept and goals. Our 3D commercial visuals are used to market office or floor space before they have been refurbished, this is a huge asset to landlords wanting to find their next tenant quickly. To create photorealistic office or commercial CGIs, you can provide the information we need in numerous formats including: CAD drawings, sketches, photographs and FFE specification documents. 


One of the main elements that creates a stunning 3D commercial illustration is the addition of people to the visual. We use high resolution photo scanned 3D people in our scenes that create accurate shadows, reflections and context to any architectural CGI. Our library of 3D people can be used to represent scale, realism and atmosphere.


Walk-through or fly-through 3D animations of a commercial office or space are an excellent marketing tool to help sell any space to potential tenants. Our experienced team at MG Design UK use the latest technology to create photorealistic commercial marketing animations.

For more information view one of our 3D commercial animations here.

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