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3D Furniture Visualisation CGI


Transporting your entire furniture range to a studio for photography isn’t always feasible or cost effective. With 3D furniture modelling, a cost-effective method to view your design in various finishes or fabrics, we can place your furniture designs into a 3D studio environment or we can create a bespoke 3D room set to showcase your furniture.


With 3D furniture rendering you can:

Rapidly swap between fabrics and finishes for a range of options for a piece.

Achieve multiple camera angles with realistic lighting.

Use your actual fabrics to create the most realistic and accurate finishes



As you know, the use of CGI with your furniture configurators is unparalleled on the customer journey. How else can you apply the variety of fabric and material options to each piece of furniture accurately and quickly? After the modelling of each piece of furniture, we can apply the right treatment to the entire product range. 


For furniture CGIs we can use sketches, photographs, 3D models or 2D technical drawings to create visuals that are realistic, accurate and ready for use in promotional material. Complex creases, stitching, buttons and seams are just a few of the detail elements we add into our furniture CGIs because the more details that are included, the more photorealistic the final, high-definition renders will be.


A CGI render of your furniture allows you to show it off at its best. We offer accurate studio lighting environments that can be used across your entire product range for continuity, as well as creating stunning effects like backlighting and various time of day. With these lighting effects come the accurate representation of reflections, highlights and other reactions of the materials. Room sets can be created from reference imagery or our in-house design team can develop a bespoke setting to showcase your furniture.


Creating 360-degree views of furniture allows users to rotate the CGIs around a central axis or a 360-degree turntable, which is an ideal tool to view the details in high definition. This is where unified studio lighting aids with creating an exciting and photorealistic visualisation of your piece of furniture.


Here at MG Design UK we are experienced in creating photorealistic 3D models of your furniture design which can be animated into a feature video. This furniture 3D animation allows the user to view the item from different camera positions along with applying numerous fabric finishes if required. Our state-of-the-art render farm allows the CGI animations to be rendered out quickly and cost effectively in a short time frame. 

For more information view one of our 3D furniture animations here or the example below.


Creating physical room sets to showcase your latest furniture range can be a costly and lengthy process. With the production of our photorealistic CGI room sets, we can create lighting, 3D environments and moods to best suit the marketing of your piece of furniture.

With the benefit of using your existing CAD data or modelling your design from technical 2D drawings, we are able to add realistic and accurate materials, textures, seams, stitches and creases to your product resulting in a photorealistic high resolution 3D render.

The design of your furniture may be available in a number of different fabrics or finishes. Traditional photography requires a photo to be taken of each fabric shown on the product. With our 3D renders of furniture, we can change the fabric or finish within a few stages allowing you to explore your entire range of fabrics in a cost effective and realistic way.

For examples of our CGI furniture roomsets, view them here.

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