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3D Packaging Visualisation CGI


Realistic 3D packaging modelling, also known as packshot, allows quick and cost-efficient exploration of new design concepts and graphic variations without the need to physically create the packaging for your product until a decision is made. Packaging CGIs are also a great way of marketing your design in advance of sale and can be used on websites, brochures, packaging or sales presentations. All this is done with minimal implementation time and at a fraction of the cost of producing prototypes.


With 3D packaging rendering you can:

View the design before print or manufacture.

Try colour variations and finishes without costly printing.

Pre-release marketing, including advertising and social media.

See the product in situ in 3D room sets.


Packaging CGIs, also known as packshot, allows for an easy, uniform set-up for lighting with the use of a photographic background. The scene created enables the use of the same lighting, camera position and continuity that produces photorealistic CGIs for an entire product or packaging range. We provide numerous high-resolution draft renders to allow for feedback and adjustment to ensure the final CGIs exceed your expectations.


For 3D packaging modelling, we offer accurate studio lighting environments that can be used across your product range ensuring continuity, as well as creating stunning visual effects like backlighting, reflective surfaces or spotlighting. With these lighting effects come the accurate representation of reflections, highlights and other reactions of the materials. 


3D packaging visuals are ideal for showcasing different graphic and colour options for the same product. Using the same lighting set up, studio environment and camera position we can seamlessly change materials or fabrics without the need of physically changing out the packaging. If you have a range of packaging sizes or shapes then 3D CGI visualisation to explore how your logo or graphics will look across a product range is perfect.

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