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3D Product Visualisation CGI


Manufacturing an actual prototype of your product is expensive and time-consuming, and the inclusions of alternate finishes for your prototype can just extend the process. With product visualisation, you will view your design before it’s manufactured in photorealistic 3D CGI. This allows for the exploration of design concepts and material variations in a quicker and much more cost-effective way than physical prototype production.


With 3D product rendering you can:

Start marketing your product before manufacture, great for advertising and social media.

Show your product within a 3D room sets offering a glimpse of your product in situ.

Create studio style lighting in 3D which is a quicker and cheaper alternative to hiring a photographer and studio.

View physically impossible to achieve cross sections or exploded views of your product. For more information view our 3D product animations here.

Create 3D product configurators allowing the user to customise finishes, add additional accessories and view the entire product.


A key benefit of creating product CGIs is the uniform set up of studio lighting. Here at MG Design UK we have a photographic background in understanding how real life lighting studios work. Our 3D studio lighting scene will enable the same lighting, camera position and continuity needed to produce photorealistic CGIs for an entire product range. 


With 3D product modelling, a CGI example of your product, unified studio lighting helps create an exciting and photorealistic visualisation of your product. We create accurate studio lighting environments to your specifications that can be used across your product range ensuring continuity, as well as creating stunning effects like backlighting, reflective surfaces or spotlighting. With these lighting effects come the accurate representation of reflections, highlights and other photorealistic representations of the materials.


Setting a central axis and creating a rotating view of your product allows users to see the finer details in high definition and also makes cross sections and exploded views possible. 360-degree rotating views of a product CGI allow users to rotate the render around a central axis or more simply a 360-degree turntable, these tools are ideal for viewing the details of the item in high definition. 


Attention to detail for 3D product illustration is essential to create a photorealistic set of images, and having a vast library of custom materials is necessary. Whether your product has one custom finish or comes in a range of finishes, we can accurately recreate the material and textures used in 3D environments or studio lighting set-up. Throughout your project, we provide numerous high-resolution draft renders to allow for feedback and adjustment to ensure the final CGIs exceed your expectations.


These are an excellent way to build interest in a product prior to launch. We can create atmospherically lit product visuals which allow a glimpse of certain lines or shapes of a product which can be used effectively on social media, in marketing emails or on a countdown product launch.


Our vast experience in creating photorealistic 3D models of your product design readily translates into the creation of animated feature videos. Our state-of-the-art render farm allows the CGI animations to be rendered out quickly and cost effectively in a short time frame. Our 3D animations are an excellent way of promoting your product on social media, marketing emails and websites.

For more information view one of our 3D product animations here.


Creating physical room sets to showcase your latest product or product range can be a costly and lengthy process. With the production of our photorealistic CGI room sets, we can create lighting, environments and moods to best suit the marketing of your product.

With the benefit of using your existing CAD data or modelling your design from technical 2D drawings, we are able to add materials and textures to your product resulting in a photorealistic high resolution 3D render. 3D room sets allow you to explore quickly and without the huge cost implications; different compositions of the room arrangement, fixtures and fittings, camera positions and realistic lighting.

For examples of our CGI product roomsets, view them here.

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