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3D Residential Visualisation CGI



Atmospheric 3D visualisation of residential building projects are more than just a render, they are a vital part of the design process and aid in the sales process for our clients, including individuals, planners or those in the property development/housebuilding sector. We utilise 2D architectural drawings, site surveys and building material schedules to create realistic and accurate photorealistic representations of residential properties.


With 3D residential rendering you can:

Bring your designs to life with accurate exterior finishes and lighting.

Create visually arresting marketing items like brochures and hoarding.

Help market your project prior to completion.



A key advantages to using 3D residential modelling for your project is it allows for the marketing of a development before and during construction. Your customers can experience their potential purchase in a more realistic manner, inspiring confidence during their buying journey. These exterior CGIs can be used in a wide range of platforms; website marketing, brochures, site hoardings, marketing sales suites and social media.


Gaining planning consent can be a difficult process, planners sometimes ask for 3D residential illustrations to be produced to aid in the design process, to help visualise different material options or to see the impact the building may have on the surrounding area. With the experience of our team and knowledge of photorealistic CGIs, we can help you gain a successful planning consent.


A variety of lighting scenarios can greatly enhance many residential projects. We use high definition HDRI maps, site photography and accurate GPS located sun orientation to enable clients to understand how lighting and shadows can affect a build. Night or dusk 3D lighting can also illustrate the impact of different feature lighting.


Our extensive library of 3D trees and plantings can be incorporated into your residential CGI. Using these 3D models allows full control over the colour, position, age and species matching your exact landscaping design. Mature trees and vegetation can be easily modelled in 3D to allow your project to have a mature and developed planted environment.


One of the main elements that creates a photorealistic visualisation is the addition of people to the visual. We use high resolution photo scanned 3D people in our scenes that create accurate shadows, reflections and context to any architectural CGI. Our library of 3D people can be used to represent scale, realism and atmosphere.


Walk-through or fly-through 3D animations of residential projects are an ideal tool in creating feature length marketing films ready to be used on websites, social media or specific development marketing sites. With the realism of hard and soft landscaping including people, cars and dramatic lighting, our animation of your designs is the ideal tool for inclusion in your marketing packages. 

For more information view one of our 3D residential animations here or view the example below.

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