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3D Virtual Reality CGI


3D VR property tours are the latest and most immersive way to experience any interior or exterior space from the comfort of your own home, marketing suite or office. Your audience can be anywhere in the world and experience the tour like they are ‘in the room’. As a VR company, we can tell you that VR is one of the most exciting ways to market new developments to buyers looking to purchase off plan or just to understand the space being marketed.


Static virtual reality productions are a great tool to visualise a single interior or exterior from a single position without the need of creating linking tours. Spherical 360 virtual tours, a type of static VR CGI, are created from a central position of a room which allows the user to pan around the 3D environment experiencing the design, materials and finishes of the project. 


As virtual and augmented reality become more and more prevalent in our daily lives, be an early adopter with an architectural VR tour of your new or current projects. Click below, on the play symbol, to see a user experience one of our VR walkthroughs. Notice the user is navigating around the environment by positioning the crosshair on the ‘hotspots’ within the tour, these move you forward to the next room, very similar to a 3D animation walkthrough.

For more information view one of our 3D virtual reality CGI tour below or further examples here.

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