Underwood Street // Virtual Reality CGI Tour

3D Virtual Reality CGI

Underwood Street // VR

Virtual reality property tours are the latest and most immersive way to experience any interior or exterior space from the comfort of your own chair. Clients can be anywhere in the world and experience the tour like they are ‘in the room’. If you don’t have a VR headset then you can still enjoy and view the tour using your desktop, tablet or smart phone.


Getting Started Using a VR Headset

  • Navigate to the virtual reality tours section of our website on your smartphone and click on VR symbol the to launch the tour.
  • Place your smartphone into your VR headset and make sure the brightness is turned up. Look through the headset and be immersed in a totally 3D virtual environment.
  • You can navigate around the environment by positioning the crosshair at the hotspots within the tour which will move you forwards to the next stage.


If you don't have a VR Headset

You can still navigate around the environment using your smart phone or tablet gyroscopic sensors. On a desktop PC then the mouse is used instead of your eyes. Virtual reality headsets can be purchased very cheaply to enjoy the tours; Google Cardboard is the entry level headset which retails at around £5.

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