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3D Walk Through Animations


Take your marketing beyond a still image with 3D walkthrough or fly-through animations, this unique way of visually marketing is perfect for your architectural projects. With the realism of hard and soft landscaping – including people, cars and dramatic lighting, our 3D animations are the ideal tool for inclusion in your marketing packages.


With a 3D walkthrough or fly-through you can:

Create drama and anticipation for a new site launch.

Use it as a feature movie showing the development or interior space.

Post to social media or use on your website


One of the main advantages of using walkthrough animations for architectural and residential projects is the ability to market a development before it has been built. Help your customers experience their potential purchase with a 3D show home animation prior to construction. Walkthrough 3D animations can be used in a wide range of platforms; website marketing, marketing sales suites and social media.


As with an architectural or interior visualisation we work from 2D CAD drawings to create 3D models of the desired building or interior. From there we map out the camera paths and provide a draft animation to the client. Once the client is happy with the draft, the final animation is rendered out in high-definition providing a realistic movie feature. 


Whether you’ve chosen an interior or exterior fly-through animation, having a variety of lighting scenes can greatly enhance a property virtual tour. We use high definition HDRI maps, site photography and accurate GPS sun orientation to enable clients to see how lighting and shadows will look on their build at various times of the day. Night or dusk 3D lighting can also illustrate the impact of different feature lighting.


We have an extensive library of 3D trees and plants to incorporate into your interactive home animation. Using 3D models in exterior scenes allows us full control over the colour, position, age and species matching your exact landscaping design. Mature trees and vegetation can be modelled in 3D to allow your project to have an established and developed planted environment.


One of the main elements that creates a photorealistic visualisation is the addition of people to the visual. We use high resolution photo scanned 3D people from our library in our scenes that create accurate shadows, reflections and context to any architectural CGI. Our library of 3D people can be used to represent scale, realism and atmosphere.

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